Jambo Fish Western (K) Ltd.

Jambo Fish Western (K) Ltd. started operations in Mumias in 2013. Our company focuses on:

Main focus of Jambo Fish Western (K) Ltd.:

  • Production of African catfish fingerlings and Natural Male Tilapia fingerlings (these tilapia are all-male (mono-sex))
  • Sales of African catfish broodstock and Til-Aqua Silver broodstock
  • Production of table-size African catfish and Tilapia
  • Sales of high quality Skretting fish feeds for African catfish and Tilapia production, for both hatchery and grow out facilities
  • Sales of a range of aquaculture products, for example, hatchery systems, fish nets, water quality test-kits, thermometers, spawning nets, liners, aeration equipment, graders and many more)
  • Training of fish farmers in the company facility with a strong focus on practical training
  • Consultancy to farmers to improve their aquaculture operations in hatchery and/or grow out
Overlooking the ponds of Jambo Fish Western Ltd.
Overlooking the ponds of Jambo Fish Western (K) Ltd.

Jambo Fish Western (K) Ltd. promotes fish farming in Kenya and aims to introduce new techniques and practices to further develop the aquaculture industry to contribute to the already existing efforts of promoting food security in the country and other countries in Eastern Africa. In achieving this goal, Jambo Fish Western (K) Ltd. is fully supported by Fleuren & Nooijen and Til-Aqua International.

Fleuren & Nooijen is active in design and construction of aquaculture production systems and equipment and African Catfish genetics. And Til-Aqua International is active in Natural Male Tilapia genetics and Tilapia hatchery technology.