About Jambo Fish Western Ltd.

Jambo Fish Western Limited is an aquaculture company based in Kenya and established in 2010 by three partners: Fleuren & Nooijen (a Dutch company with over 25 years of experience in aquaculture production of African catfish fingerlings, designing fish farms and related consultancy) and two local partners.

Overlooking the ponds of Jambo Fish Western Ltd.
Overlooking the ponds of Jambo Fish Western Ltd.

The company focuses on the production of African catfish fingerlings and Natural Male Tilapia fingerlings (all-male, mono-sex), production of table-size African catfish and tilapia and on marketing a range of aquaculture products for the local market. Jambo Fish Western Ltd. promotes fish farming in Kenya and aims to introduce new techniques and practices to further develop the aquaculture industry to contribute to the already existing efforts of promoting food security in the country and other countries in Eastern Africa.

Jambo Fish Western can support fish production through the provision of imported high quality fish feed (larval, fry and fingerlings, grow out feeds) and various aquaculture products (including nets, water quality test-kits, thermometers, spawning nets, liners, aeration equipment, graders, etc.)

Jambo Fish Western, through its partner Fleuren & Nooijen can provide quality consultancies and advice on a wide range of aquaculture issues including hatchery and grow out systems.

In 2015 Jambo Fish Western’s fish farm has been relocated from Nairobi to Kakamega. This new location is even better suited for the production of African catfish and tilapia. Resulting in a more efficient production facility and an opportunity to serve the local aquaculture market better.