Aquaculture training covering many topics of fish farming

In order to be successful in aquaculture, it is wise to be trained by a business leader. Jambo Fish Western (K) Ltd. offers aquaculture training to farmers. These aquaculture trainings are a good mix between theory and practical training.

The Jambo Fish Western (K) Ltd. aquaculture training location in Mumias is equipped with:

  • Fully equipped classroom with beamer, whiteboard, etc. Giving us the possibility to seat up to 20 people for an aquaculture training
  • Housing for up to 16 trainees in our fully equipped bandas.
  • Canteen with kitchen to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner to trainees
  • Running hatchery and grow out farm to perform the practical training.
Lecture during the aquaculture training
Aquaculture training in our
Available housing during the aquaculture training in Mumias
Available housing during the aquaculture training in Mumias
Another lecture during the aquaculturing training
Another lecture during the aquaculturing training

A complete aqauculture training curriculum is covering the following topics:

  • Aquaculture Planning
  • Fish Pond Design and Construction
  • Species Suitable for aquaculture in Kenya
  • Fishpond Management
  • Feeding your fish
  • Managing water and soil quality in fish ponds
  • Preventing fish diseases and controlling predators
  • Harvesting your fish
  • Keeping fish farm records
  • Hatchery Management
  • Tilapia fingerling production
  • African Catfish fingerling production
  • Fish Farming Economics

It is always possible to adjust the training topic if specific training topics need to be highlighted or added. Our trainers are well informed in general aquaculture practice.

For inquiries on trainings please contact our office in Mumias